Long Book, but Great Read

Axel's Pup (Werewolves & Dragons Book 1) - Kim Dare

When I look for books, I don't usually look at the number of pages. I was surprised when I looked at the number of pages for this book. However, each word was worth it. 


Kim Dare's Axel's Pup immerses you in a world where Wolf Shapeshifter's are known about, and basically treated almost as bad as slaves. Many humans hate them, wages are half what a human would make, rent is double what a human would pay, the list goes on. They are branded as trouble makers and thieves even if that isn't what all of them do. 


Pup, is used to everyone either hating him, fighting him, or wanting to see what it would be like to have sex with a wolf.  However, Axel doesn't have these feelings. Something from the very beginning draws the human to the wolf. 


I really can't wait for the next book in this series. The book had romance, hot sex, a interesting world to read about, and the promise of more. I really loved how this book turned out in the end and it was definitely worth the read.